Jungle Guardians is an application developed by Taploft Sp. z o.o.. Jungle Guardians was first published on . Jungle Guardians is available on the following platforms: Steam.Features Build and customize your own wildlife rescue center in the heart of the jungle. Venture into the Amazon Rainforest to go on dangerous rescue missions. Save rare endang...

Jungle Guardians Review

Jungle Guardians is an app created by Taploft Sp. z o.o.. Jungle Guardians was first published on . Jungle Guardians is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.


  • Build and customize your own wildlife rescue center in the heart of the jungle.
  • Venture into the Amazon Rainforest to go on dangerous rescue missions.
  • Save rare endangered species from extinction, including jaguars, iguanas and capuchin monkeys!
  • House, feed and care for your rescued animals at your growing wildlife center.
  • Gather an expert team of wildlife heroes to help you guard the jungle.
  • Protect the Amazon Rainforest from poachers, deforestation, drilling and more!


A tropical virgin forest in the heart of the Amazonia. A green canopy of trees, entwined with lianas, and a maze of ferns underneath. Capuchin monkeys and marmosets are jumping from branch to branch, tapirs are sloshing around in a pool of mud, and howler monkeys are calling one another from afar. Boa constrictors are slithering out of their holes, caimans are hunting capibaras, and jaguars and pumas are looking for their prey. The jungle is also full of other extraordinary animals: uakaris, iguanas, ocelots... And all of them are in danger because of human activity: deforestation, extraction of raw materials, poaching.

In Jungle Guardians, it is you who will have to defend the Amazonia and its exotic inhabitants. It is you who will run and develop a wild animal rescue centre in the middle of the jungle. Your task is to bring the forest back to normal life and protect it from human greed. Because there are more important things in the world than profit. Indeed, it is a very difficult mission, but fortunately – you’re not going to be alone. You will be supported by other brave men and women who have the Amazonia’s welfare at heart. Linda from Africa, who is an expert in treating animals. Jeff – a ranger from America. A former Polish elite forces soldier, Tomek. Well-educated Kim from Japan and Sergey from frosty Russia. The group also includes Ajrun, who was born in the Amazon rainforest, knows the jungle like the back of his hand and protects its inhabitants. This close-knit team will live with you in the forest camp and provide assistance whenever you need it.

While playing Jungle Guardians, you will build and furnish animal shelters. You will take care of injured animals and restore their health and well-being, enabling them to fend for themselves in the tropical forest. As time passes, there will be more and more challenges to face. For example, you will have to follow animals using GPS tracking devices, venture into the wild on dangerous rescue missions or deliver ancient artifacts to museums. You will stand up to fight illegal logging and ensure the reforestation of the area. You will track and chase away poachers and convince gold prospectors that they really should look for their wealth elsewhere. You will have to come to an agreement with indigenous Amazonian tribes, whose members – small wonder – are quite distrustful of the newcomers from the cities, as well as with representatives of the tourism industry, who see the rescue centre hidden in the heart of the jungle as an attraction for foreign visitors (keeping the camp up and running is expensive, so...).

This is only a fraction of the excitements that await you in Jungle Guardians. The game features over a thousand tasks! Choose from tens of various buildings and decorations to furnish the camp according to your needs and wishes. Moreover, all animals and plants you will encounter actually do live in the Amazonia and many challenges have been based on facts. While playing at running a rescue camp you can learn a lot of things – the descriptions of endangered animals included in the game are a valuable source of information.

Jungle Guardians wouldn’t be the same without interaction with other players. Cooperate with your friends – help them develop their centres and you will certainly be
rewarded. Alternatively, concentrate on showing everybody who is the most effective defender of the Amazonia and fight for top spots in the ranking. This decision is only yours to make. Whichever path you choose, you are up for countless hours of tremendous fun.


  • 25+ different animals to discover
  • 50+ buildings for you to build
  • 100+ unique decorations to buff your camp
  • 125+ animal articles so you can know them better
  • 50+ unique features
  • 36+ expansions with a fun storyline
  • 1000+ quests with fantastic rewards

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